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About Us

  • Makhana Amrit Mantra Pte. Ltd. - is a Trailblazing Global Food-Tech Organization with a presence in 10 countries and clients in 35 + countries. Manufacturing & Exporting Ready-to-eat Superfood - Flavored, Roasted, Popped Lotus Seeds, Fox Nuts, Makhana & Healthy Superfood from across the globe under our vibrant subsidiary AMRIT MANTRA SUPERFOOD. We have invented & patented technology/Equipment. 



  • A FOOD-TECH multinational firm, ISO 9001:2005/ 22000:2018/ HACCP Certified Company in QMS, Food Safety Management System, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points. We are Producers, Technology Innovative Disrupters & Global Exporters of the Finest Quality of Raw/Roasted/Flavored Makhana/ Fox Nuts/ Fox Nut-based products/ Superfood Snacks/ Healthy Lifestyle Products.

  • We are a team of seasoned global professionals (based in India, USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore) with rich international experience. We're going global with a variety of Makhana/Fox Nuts-based products using cutting-edge technologies along with our innovative proprietary IP business model and products. Welcome to the bandwagon! 

  • In the second phase of our global rollout - 2022/23, we are launching several patented superfood snacking products from across the globe, Patented Makhana flavors along with retail and household patented equipment & technology driving national and global consumption and growth. We welcome inquiries from potential distributors, retailers, and franchise partners on our license policy.

  • Finally, in the third phase, We're going Global with a variety of Superfood Snacking, Cosmetics, Healthy Lifestyle & Fox Nut products such as Makhana pops, Fox Nut & Lotus Seed Powder for cosmetics & baking naturally Gluten-Free Bread, Cake, Cookies, breakfast cereals, health/gym energy-protein powder & bars, Baby food. Along with Patented technology & equipment to go Retail/Commercial space globally.

  • We work closely with relevant Government agencies and international institutions to provide transparency in business and quality assurance.

  • Our mission is to have a global reach & bridge the gap between ancient wisdom & modern lifestyle TM Creating awareness about the health benefits of Makhana/Fox Nuts/ Superfood Snacks/ Healthy Lifestyle Products and making the best quality of the product easily accessible by augmenting domestic & international demand.  Contribute back to the Makhana farming community & humanity in general.

  • Our vision is to be the market leader by providing immaculate products and services. Reach out to the global community with the health benefits of Makhana & help promote a holistic/healthy lifestyle. 

     We provide in large quantity/bulk for Export 

  • Roasted & Flavored Fox Nuts in 50 Flavors

  • Fox Nut/ Makhana Powder/Lotus Seed Powder.

  • 50+ Amazing Superfood Snacks from across the globe under our subsidiary Amrit Mantra Superfood.

  • Top Premium Quality Hand Picked Phool Makhana (Platinum Standard - A1),  Size: 20MM - 28MM (Lava 4) in various package sizes in triple graded packs with heat transfer technology that retains the nutritional medicinal value intact (as recommended by: The Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) - Government entity.

  • Best Quality Graded Makhana (Gold standard - A2), Size: 16MM - 20MM (Lava 3)

  • Economy Quality Graded Makhana (Classic Standard - A3), Size: 12MM - 20MM (Lava 2). 

  • We also provide SGS/ TUV inspection & packaging with your logo on request with additional charges.

Makhana Amrit Mantra Trust
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