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The MAK-SNACKMindful, Healthy Snacking, anytime anywhere..
Makhana Snacking - It's Hasty-Tasty & Very Healthy! TM

Chocolate Truffle Makhana
Makhana Flour Gluten Free Baking

  Makhana's Health Mantra

    Nutrition per 100 gm 

     (Recommended dosage 35 gm/1 cup of serving = 110 KCal.)

  • CALORIES - 347

  • PROTEIN - 9.7 gm

  • FATS - 0.1 gm

  • CARBOHYDRATES - 76.9 gm

  • FIBER - 14.5 gm

  • TOTAL LIPIDS (FATS) - 0.1 gm

  • CALCIUM - 60 mg

  • IRON - 1.4 mg

Makhana Health Benefits

  Knowing your Makhanas & Us

  • Makhanas/ Fox Nuts/ Popped Water Lily Seeds/ Lotus Seeds/ Nelumbo Nucifera also referred to as Superfood or Food of Gods, comes from an aquatic plant known as Euryale Fox (LOTUS Family) that grows in the ponds in eastern Asia. The Superfood Snack is low in cholesterol, fat, and sodium, making them an ideal snack for untimely hunger pangs. A rich source of Vegan Protein & they are a calcium powerhouse, packed with Nutrients. They are also Gluten-Free, protein-rich, and high in carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. Also known as Popped Lotus Flower Seeds, Fox Nuts, Gorgon Nuts with the botanical name Nelumbo Nucifera or Euryale Ferox Salisb.

  • Cultivated for centuries in Asia, India accounts for 90% of the finest quality global harvest of Makhanas.

  • Loaded with taste & versatility, fiber, vegan protein & minerals. Makhana is widely used in the Indian, Chinese & Japanese culinary systems, Ayurvedic medicine & Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

  • Makhanas epitomizes health & vitality hence also referred to as Amrit or Nectar / Immortality in ancient holy textures. Considered a Sacred/Pious food or the Food of Gods, it is used as sacred offerings to Gods (Panch-Mewa/Amrit Prasadam) and also during Hindu & Buddhist wedding rituals.

  • Makhanas are Keto Friendly, Kosher (Kashrut) Friendly, Diabetic Friendly, & One of the Healthiest Food for a Mother during Pregnancy.

  • Rich in Anti-Oxidant properties, extremely nutritious, and filling during fasting or overnight / 16 hours of Intermittent fasting. They are high in protein, minerals like magnesium (very useful for people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity), potassium, iron, fibers, and low-fat content/calories, they help one stay fuller after eating & dealing with untimely hunger pangs. 

  • They contain 50% more protein, 67% less fat, and 20% less calorie than Popcorn.

  • Touted as an aphrodisiac. It is also great for skin & hair with its natural flavonoid called kaempferol which acts as an anti-aging agent and helps prevent inflammation in the body.

  • Makhanas/ Fox Nuts are great detoxifying and immune system boosting agents. They aid in flushing out toxins from the body. They are really beneficial to the spleen which recycles the RBCs (red blood cells). The spleen is the nerve center of the immune system because it also stores white blood cells and platelet. 

  • Like in India, China and Japan, Lotus seeds/ Makhanas are used to make popular and ceremonial deserts, pastries, cereals, baby food & snacks. In Korea it is called Ga-Si-Yeon, Spain: Tuerca de Zorro, Columbia: Martillo, Thailand, it is called Med-Bua-Op, Qian Shi in China & Hasu No Mi in Japan. 

  • In its original form, Makhana has a very mild milky/ bland taste and takes on the flavor added to it. This is the reason why it can be consumed in a variety of flavors. 

  • Variety & Quality of Raw Fox-Nuts/ Nelumbo Nucifera: H.P. - Exclusive HANDPICKED PHOOL Makhanas/Fox Nuts - L4 - Lava 4:- Premium Export Quality Hand Picked Makhana, round-shaped  - L3 - Lava 3:- Superior Quality Graded, round-shaped - L2 - Lava 2:- Economy Graded, Quality, round-shaped - L1 - Lava 1:- Export Quality Hand Picked Makhana - Natural:- Economy Graded Quality makhanas, all round-shaped.

  • Easy to roast/microwave at home within 3 minutes. Snack Guilt-Free with The Superfood -Makhana, your way at home. Makhana Snacking - It's Hasty-Tasty & Very Healthy !! 

  • So, go ahead and tickle your taste buds without any regret !! TM

  • Makhana Amrit Mantra Pte. Ltd. Is a Trailblazing Global Food-Tech Organization, Manufacturing & Exporting Ready-to-Eat Superfood Snacks - Flavored, Roasted, Popped Water Lily Seeds/ Lotus Seeds, Fox Nuts, Makhanas & Healthy Superfood from across the globe.

  • A Global Food-Tech firm, with a presence in 10 countries and clients in 35+ countries. We have invented & patented Technologies/Equipment to go Retail/Commercial Globally. License & Franchise inquiry welcome. Please click the above link to check our detailed list of Makhana products.


  • A Multinational firm, ISO 9001:2005/ 22000:2018/ HACCP/ BRC Certified Company in QMS, Food Safety Management System, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points. We are Private Label Co-Manufacturers, Producers, Technology Innovative Disruptors, and Global Exporters in large/bulk quantities of the finest quality Raw / Roasted / Flavoured Makhana / Fox Nut and Fox Nut-based products & other Healthy Superfood Snacks which are sourced & manufactured across the world.

  • Under our vibrant subsidiary Amrit Mantra Super-Food, we produce and market superfood snacks originating from across the globe. Please click the above link to check our detailed list of products.

  • We are a Team of Seasoned Global Professionals (based in Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Spain, UK, Germany, Russia, UAE, USA, & Canada) with rich international experience. In the FIRST PHASE, We are going global by Manufacturing & EXPORTING a variety of Makhana/Fox Nut-based products using cutting-edge (patented) technologies along with our innovative proprietary IP business model and products. We also produce and market Healthy Superfoods Snacks sourced & manufactured across the Globe. Welcome to the Bandwagon! 

  • In the SECOND PHASE of our global rollout, we are launching several patented Makhana-based and Superfood products, Makhana/Fox Nuts seasoning, top-note & flavors along with retail, commercial and household patented technology/equipment driving national and global consumption and growth. We welcome inquiries from potential distributors, retailers, and franchise partners on our Global License Policy.

  • Finally, in the THIRD PHASE, We're Going Global with a variety of patented Signature Fox Nut & Superfood Snacking & Lifestyle Products such as Makhana Pops/ Nuts/ Dried/Dehydrated Fruits: Gourmet or Raw options, originating from across the globe & manufactured in Asia, Europe North/South America in our world-class facilities, Makhana/Fox Nut Powder/Flour for Baking naturally Gluten-Free Bread, Pizza, Cake/Pastries, Cookies, Excellent Healthier substitute for bread crumbs when used for crumbing foods, topping for casseroles, stuffing poultry, thickening stews, adding healthy bulk to soups, meatloaves, and similar foods, and making a crisp and crunchy covering for fried foods, especially breaded cutlets like tonkatsu and schnitzel. Breakfast Cereals & Snack Bars including Health/Gym Energy-Protein Powder & Bars, and Baby/Pregnancy period food. Beverages: - Coffee (Beans, Dairy/Non-Dairy/ Macadamia/Hazelnut/ Coconut powder mixed / Tea - Over 100 varieties (Green, Black, Breakfast, Darjeeling, Assam Tea, etc). & Wine.

  • We manufacture/ produce & white/private-label in the following three categories: 

  • (1) Breakfast Cereals & Snack Bars including Health/Gym Energy-Protein Powder & Bars, and Baby/Pregnancy period food 

  • (2) Beverages: - Coffee (Beans, Dairy/Non-Dairy/ Macadamia/Hazelnut/ Coconut powder mixed: 3 in 1, 2 in 1 in granule/ Powder/ Naturally Flavored form & Tea - Over 100 varieties (Green, Black, Breakfast, Darjeeling, Assam Tea, etc)

  • (3) Healthy Superfood Snacks/ Nuts/ Dried/Dehydrated Fruits: Gourmet or Raw options, originating and manufactured across the globe. 

  • Patented Technologies & equipment to go Retail/Commercial Globally.

  • We have added to our portfolio the following superfood in Vacuum/Freeze Dried/Baked/Roasted form.
    Please check out the Amrit Mantra Super-Food brochure.

  • PRODUCT LIST: Check our range of products cultivated and manufactured in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. Vacuum/Freeze Dried Fruits, Veggies, Makhana/Fox Nuts, Tapioca, Breakfast Muesli, Granola Bar/Protein Rich Energy Bar, Coffee & Tea.1/ Mango Pulpy & Mango Chips 2/ Soft Dried Guava 3/ Soft Dried Apple & Rose Apple 4/Persimmon 5/ Dragon Fruit 6/ Jackfruit Chips & Raw Jackfruit Powder 7/ Banana Chips (Peri Peri & Natural 8/ Mixed Fruit Chips 9/ Vacuum Sweet Corn 10/ Beetroot chips 11/ Mixed Fruits chips 12/ Purple & Yellow sweet potato chips 13/ Taro dried stick chips 14/ Pumpkin chips 15/ Carrot chips 16/ Coffee (Vietnamese, Arabica, Robusta)Black, Green Tea Leaves, Darjeeling & Infused Tea Sachets 17/ Roasted Macadamia Nuts & Macadam Coffee 18/ Cashew Nuts (Roasted) 19/ Infused Tapioca Pearls 20/ Roasted Makhanas & Makhana Powder 21/ BLISSFULL Muesli (Makhana, Amrantha, Oats, Fruit & Nuts) 22/ Chewy or Crispy Granola Bar with Wholesome grains, Fruits, Nuts & Berries 23/ SHILAJIT/ Mumijo/ Asphaltum Punjabianum 24/ Exotic Spices from across the Globe. Please click: the PRODUCT LIST Link to check our detailed list. 

  • We work closely with relevant Government agencies and international institutions to provide transparency in business and quality assurance.

  • Our mission is to have a global reach, bridging ancient wisdom with a modern lifestyleTM Creating awareness about the health benefits of Makhana/Fox Nuts/ Superfood Snacks/ Healthy Lifestyle Products  and making the best quality of the product easily accessible by augmenting domestic & international demand.  Contribute back to the Makhana farming community & humanity in general.

  • Our vision is to be the market leader by providing immaculate products and services. Reach out to the global community with the health benefits of Makhana & help promote a holistic/healthy lifestyle. 

"GRAB the first-mover advantage with Huge ROI, be the darling of your customers, and make your competitors green with envy partnering with us!"

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